Senior Software Engineer, Javascript (Remote)

Preferable Location(s): New York, United States of America | Los Angeles, United States of America
Work Type: Full Time

Highnote is looking for a skilled web software engineer to help us build a truly unique communication tool for audio creators and their teams. 

Role Highlights

  • You’ll earn $145,000/yr base cash comp and ~1% equity
  • You’ll be the 2nd engineer on a seed stage team of 5 (Jordan Bradley, Chris Muccioli, Paulina Vo, and Christine Cha)
  • You’ll report to Christine Cha
  • You’ll receive full benefits on a remote team embracing future of work

About Highnote

Highnote is building the simplest and most effective way for audio creators — musicians, podcasters, voiceover artists — and their teams to collaboratively make comments, exchange ideas, and collect listener feedback on their audio. We’re venture-backed by the same investors behind productivity tools like Airtable and Superhuman.

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Our Stack

Highnote is a modern, real time web application running on a lean serverless stack.

  • React, Webpack
  • Typescript
  • Auth0
  • Firebase (Firestore, Cloud Functions, Storage) + Node.js

Our Benefits and More

Remote first, 4-day workweek full health benefits, unlimited PTO (for real), and more. 

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  • You have a minimum of 2 - 5 years of experience building complex, modern, and performant web applications that are actively used by thousands of users or more.
  • You have professional experience navigating challenging situations, various personalities, and diverse work styles and enjoy the dynamic, constantly changing environment of an early-stage company.
  • You care deeply about your impact on those around you and the broader community. You try your best to treat people with kindness, patience, and empathy.
  • You take a lot of pride in your work and your impact on the team. This, combined with excellent time and project management skills, makes you a reliable and productive contributor to the team.

Technical Skills

  • You are fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can dive into legacy codebases, third-party source code, and decipher complex systems of logic.
  • You are self-sufficient when it comes to finding answers to technical questions. You have methodical approaches to debugging issues, digging into documentation, and learning new concepts as needed.
  • You can build and debug complex React applications (like ours!) with ease, but frameworks are just part of your larger toolkit. You make well-informed decisions on when and how to use frameworks and other third-party tools, and when to roll your own solutions.
  • You have a keen eye for design and are able to build pixel-perfect implementations of complex interfaces. You are a best-in-class wrangler of DOM elements and CSS and are able to keep things, accessible, beautiful, and performant.
  • You have a solid understanding of how servers and clients interact, and inform your architectural decisions with full-stack considerations. You are comfortable contributing to server-side code in NodeJS and making decisions on data models and API design.
  • As a senior engineer, you can take large ambiguous projects and break them down into smaller, actionable tasks. You make well-informed decisions about when and how to tackle technical debt, and are comfortable throwing out code or rethinking things when needed.
  • Bonus:
    • You have an extensive knowledge of service workers, client-side storage (like IndexedDB), and/or progressive web applications
    • You have additional backend and/or devops skills
    • You have additional product and/or visual design skills

Teamwork and Communication

  • You are an effective communicator, whether it’s via Slack, Zoom, or in person. You can articulate your thoughts and opinions with sensitivity and empathy for others.
  • You are an experienced code reviewer and technical collaborator. You can effectively help other teammates improve their contributions through detailed and relevant feedback while maintaining a culture without blame or fear of making mistakes.
  • You think about and understand your work deeply. Because of this, you can explain things clearly in different ways to all different audiences (especially non-technical ones) without losing detail or context.
  • As an experienced engineer, you can effectively estimate capacity, scope, and timeline for active projects. You have experience managing projects which allows you to organize work and efficiently make progress.
  • As an experienced product team member, you always consider future business, user, and team needs when making decisions. You’re able to collaborate effectively with other departments to build solutions that reflect the whole team’s priorities, not just engineering.


In joining an early stage team, you’ll have unprecedented control over your trajectory, and can play a big role in how we define career development at Highnote for team members to come. To read our current thinking on different engineering team roles, learn more here →

A Sample Week at Highnote

Here’s an example of what a typical week might look like for this role:

Every day, Monday - Thursday

  • Engineering Team Chat (30min) - Casual engineering meeting to discuss any questions, challenges, or other ideas around technical or just team-related topics.
  • Full Team Standup (30min) - All team members give a quick status update on what they’re working on, with any open questions or blockers. Sometimes we’ll do a mini deep dive on specific topics that come up.


  • Start building out active feature project.
  • Quick huddle in the afternoon with Christine re: your active feature project.


  • Product Team Chat (1hr) - Meet with Chris, Jordan, and Christine to talk through any feature work in progress. We give lots of room for open questions, discussions, and suggestions. Some things might be in discovery stage, some might already be on staging, ready for QA!
  • Continue working on feature project


  • Feature work ready for initial review! Put it in PR and send to QA.
  • Start work on a tech priority item, ex. refactoring our shared auth module


  • Address PR and QA feedback on the feature project, as well as some other improvements we may have missed the first time around.
  • Sprint Planning (1hr) - The whole team meets to align on our high-level initiatives and plans for upcoming week. This is a place to ask prioritization questions and give an update to the whole team about work in progress.

Friday - Sunday

  • Off. We operate on a four-day work week at Highnote, so your weekend is Friday through Sunday! You might see one of us pop online for a bit to work on something because we’re too excited about it to wait for Monday, but it’s not typical or expected.

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